Wednesday, August 18, 2010

San Onofre Trails

Chad was wiped out
My beauties

Piper did not want have her picture taken
The whole gang

Sweet Chloe
After 3 miles of bike riding, Chad fell asleep.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Today a friend on Facebook posted, what we think should come first, our children or our husbands. I thought about this the entire time on my jog to the beach. I realized that while my children are so young, they need my, well our fullest attention and devotion. Let's face it where else are they going to get it. This is not to say that John by all means is pushed aside. We were together before the children and will be together when our nest will be empty. I am so eternally grateful for John in my life. He's the most loving and devoted husband and father. Our children can't ask for a more fun daddy. Whether he's packing and loading up our car for camping, for the river or just for the day at the beach, he does it with love. He's teaching our kids to love life and have fun. I love that he volunteers in the girls' classrooms, plays Polly Pockets with them or just dancing in the living room to Wii 'Just Dance'. With all the good things I can say about my husband, I think the most important thing that I love him so much is that he loves Christ and is always making sure that the spirit of Christ resides in our home. For that I am thankful for my husband and feel so blessed to have him as my husband and eternal mate.