Sunday, February 15, 2009

Piper Turns 3 years old!!!!

My sweet baby girl is 3!!! We love you so much Piper!

This is what she chose to wear, a oversized nightgown, for her birhday. It was either this or she was going to be naked.

Visiting Mickey.

Happy Birthday Piper! We LOVE you sweet girl!!!

Piper brings so much fun and energy into our life.

Our sweet and mischevious little girl turned 3. She is just full of life and lots of energy. She loves to learn is constantly keeping mom busy. Things she loves to do include: mixing all of mom's makeup, lotion and toothpaste and leaving the mixture for mom on the carpet, bathroom floor, and counters. Saying no to mom all day long. Eating ice cream and Oreo cookies instead of any real food. Trying to feed baby brother Chad Oreo cookies when mom is not looking. Changing her clothes 10 times in an hour. Hiding Buffy and Chloe's toys. Clogging toilets with the entire roll of paper. Painting and drawing and learning to use the computer by removing ALL the keys off the key board. Snuggling with mommy and daddy every morning. Melting daddy's heart daily.

Chad is 7 months

Such a happy and such cute little guy.

Daddy and Chad.

Baby Chad is almost 7 months and he is just the cutest, happiest and chubbiest baby ever! He's got 2 bottom teeth and he uses them too! He is now rolling over, sitting up by himself and occassionally sleeps through the night. Things Chad likes: a bottle, baby food, being held by anyone, kissed by mommy, hanging out with daddy playing Legos, laugh with his sisters and just being loved by everyone.


Hanging out in the snow.
Buffy loves baby brother Chad

Practice away Buffy! We can't wait for you to play Christmas songs for us.

New hair cut for the new year.

Buffy is in first grade and is keeping a very busy schedule. She has started taking piano lessons and is really liking it. We are hoping that this will continue. She is doing great in school and is the best helper for mom. Every morning, she goes and gets Chad out of his room and plays with him. One morning I walked downstairs and she had Chad in his baby seat, buckled in and was feeding him breakfast. She is just so loving to him and runs over the second she hears him crying. Always willing to help. She is very independent and very determined. She has been wanting to cut her hair short for the longest time and finally got it done. She's lost 4 baby teeth and the tooth fairy was very kind to visit her each time with $10. We are very lucky to have Buffy in our family. We love her so much.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Carlsbad Marathon

Keeping a good pace.

On top of her busy schedule, Buffy ran the annual Carlsbad marathon at Legoland. She actually ran the entire mile his year. I was so proud of her. I hope to be able to run a 5 k with her in a couple of years.


Chloe in tap and ballet combo class.

Chloe with Daddy befor e dance class

Chloe started taking dance lessons about 2 months ago. My sweet girl has been waiting to be in dance class for the past year so needless to say, she loves it and has the biggest smile the entire time while in class. She is very talented, loves to sing and obviously dancing. She can sing, "I am 16 going on 17" from the Sound of Music word for word and htting all the notes correctly. She is also very creative. Constantly drawing and painting. She takes time and is very meticulous with her art. She is beginning to like preschool alot more now, not as shy as she was before. She loves to play on the games on her computer. Chloe is super sweet and very loving to her family. We are so lucky to have in our family.