Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hanging out in the snow.
Buffy loves baby brother Chad

Practice away Buffy! We can't wait for you to play Christmas songs for us.

New hair cut for the new year.

Buffy is in first grade and is keeping a very busy schedule. She has started taking piano lessons and is really liking it. We are hoping that this will continue. She is doing great in school and is the best helper for mom. Every morning, she goes and gets Chad out of his room and plays with him. One morning I walked downstairs and she had Chad in his baby seat, buckled in and was feeding him breakfast. She is just so loving to him and runs over the second she hears him crying. Always willing to help. She is very independent and very determined. She has been wanting to cut her hair short for the longest time and finally got it done. She's lost 4 baby teeth and the tooth fairy was very kind to visit her each time with $10. We are very lucky to have Buffy in our family. We love her so much.

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