Sunday, February 15, 2009

Piper Turns 3 years old!!!!

My sweet baby girl is 3!!! We love you so much Piper!

This is what she chose to wear, a oversized nightgown, for her birhday. It was either this or she was going to be naked.

Visiting Mickey.

Happy Birthday Piper! We LOVE you sweet girl!!!

Piper brings so much fun and energy into our life.

Our sweet and mischevious little girl turned 3. She is just full of life and lots of energy. She loves to learn is constantly keeping mom busy. Things she loves to do include: mixing all of mom's makeup, lotion and toothpaste and leaving the mixture for mom on the carpet, bathroom floor, and counters. Saying no to mom all day long. Eating ice cream and Oreo cookies instead of any real food. Trying to feed baby brother Chad Oreo cookies when mom is not looking. Changing her clothes 10 times in an hour. Hiding Buffy and Chloe's toys. Clogging toilets with the entire roll of paper. Painting and drawing and learning to use the computer by removing ALL the keys off the key board. Snuggling with mommy and daddy every morning. Melting daddy's heart daily.

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Rebecca said...

I just had so much fun reading your blog about all your kids. They are all so beautiful. I'm very glad to see you are all doing so well.