Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet Lucy Princess Howe -The Tarantula

I have been putting off updating my blog for months and now I truly have a reason to update it. So Chloe just turned 5 years old and she told us that she really really wanted a tarantula. Everyday, she would ask me to buy one for her. I tried with all my might to persuade her to pick another pet, like a lops ear bunny. She would have no such thing. She wanted a tarantula, no matter how terrified she knows I am of them. Her birthday came and went and I was hoping that she would forget all about it. Nope, she kept asking us about it. So Sunday after church, John took her hunting for one up the hills. I was thinking that there is no way they would find one. Well, they found one and caught it!!! Chloe named her "Lucy Princess Howe". She loves her new pet and had her cage next to her bed at night. Of course, I am just petrified of this furry creature with large fangs. She placed a school picture of herself in the cage so "Lucy" can recognize her. And, by the way, she has picked up this giant spider and played with it.


Sarah Gates said...

I'm nearly SPEECHLESS. Can't believe they actually captured it in the "wild." It's a slippery slope you a tarantula, tomorrow...(the horror) a DOG!!! Enjoy your new family member!

melissa's life said...

oh my gosh! I would die if I had to have that in my house. Aren't they dangerous? I thought the ones from pet stores had their fangs cut off or something, but a wild one. Wow, you are a good mom!