Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The NASA Experience

Inside the habitat unit where the astronauts do research

My brother-in-law Scott designed the Habit Unit that NASA will actually use to place on the moon/Mars as a research unit for the astronauts. This is pretty amazing and we were able to have a tour of it while they they were actually simulating out in the desert of Flagstaff.

Buffy and Daddy inside the Habit unit where the astronauts do research

Lava River Cave

This cave was about a mile deep and 32 degrees inside

All my kids hiked in the cave with flip-flops and Buffy had no jacket

With Uncle Scott

It's too cold in the cave for me.

My pretty Piper Girl

Grand Canyon Adventures, or Lack Thereof...

Our family

Chad on Uncle Scott's shoulder

Piper directing Chad where to stand

The Grand Canyon is marvelous to look upon, for about 15 minutes. Although I am in awe with its beauty and grandeur, I can't just stand there and stare at the canyon for more than 15 minutes. I wanted to hike down below or to a waterfall, go water rafting, or anything but just stand by and observe. Our kids are so young to be doing all those activies. This is not to say that it was not memorable spending time with each other. By the time we revisit, hopefully all the kids will be able to hike and have real adventures to remember.