Wednesday, April 16, 2008


  1. "I can practically touch that fish"

    "Wow, that's a pretty big lobster."

"We are family, my sisters and me."

I took the kids to the Birch aquarium in La Jolla today. We have not been here for about a year. They all had a great time. Since Buffy is on spring break this week, we had plans for Disneyland but John has been so busy so it's not going to be possible this week. I tried doing Disneyland with the kids by myself and I think I lasted about 4 hours.

The girls had such a great time. Piper was just overwhelmed with all the creatures. Since Chloe loves animals so much, she had a million questions about each and every one of the animals. I think the oddest question she had for me today was, "Mommy, can a chameleon turn into me if I hold him?" And Buffy was just reading all about the label on each tank and telling me all about each creature.

My pregnancy is coming along fine. I am getting more uncomfortable by the hour. I had another ultrasound last week and he is growing right on track. The ultrasound shows him yawing and sucking his thumb. It's so amazing, I cannot wait to hold him. Newborn babies are just the most precious! I do pray that all will be well and he will be born strong and healthy.

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The Bruer Clan said...

SO STINKIN CUTE! ;) NOW I can keep in touch here! YEA!! Your girls are GETTING SO BIG!! Piper is seriously killing me!! TOO CUTE!! ;)