Thursday, July 3, 2008

Buffy turned 6 years old today! I took her to lunch with 5 of her friends and they all had a spa day at the nail salon. They all had a great time. I cannot believe my oldest child is now 6 years old. As I am about to give birth to my 4th baby, it still seem so surreal that I will have 4 children. Buffy told me today that she wants to have 15 children when she is married. I have to admit lately I have been more irritable than usual, because I am 36 weeks pregnant and everyone movement is uncomfortable. I think my children have been picking up on this. It's apparent in my conversation with Buffy.

Buffy: "I am going to have 15 kids when I get married."

Jackie: "What do you need to do first before you get married?"

Buffy: "Finish college, then I am going to have 15 kids."

Jackie: "Wow Buffy that's a lot of kids, are you sure want to cook, clean, make beds and pick up toys and iron clothes for 15 kids?"

Buffy: "I will have 15 maids, 1 for each kid to do all that for me so I won't go crazy like you mommy."

Jackie: "What are you going to do while the maids does all this work?"

Buffy: "I am going to get recipes from the Food Network to make dinner for everyone."

It's official, I have become the crazy mom that I swore I would never be. Just one more thing to add to the self-improvement list.

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The Bruer Clan said...

Any baby yet? I hear you are already dialated and everything..I hope HE IS HERE!! ;) MISS YA!!