Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's sooooo late.....

It's now 1 am I cannot sleep at all, it's not like I am not tired! It's going to be so hard for me to get up for church tomorrow morning. John will be so upset because we are late every Sunday for sacrament. It's so hard for me to get all the girls ready time by myself. There's always some kind of drama right before we leave the house. By the time I get the kids to church, I am usually exhausted!
John was riding his dirt bike today so the girls and I went to the park and had a picnic. We wanted to go down to the beach but it was blocked off for the Iron Man competition. I do not like parks. It's always too crowded with a million people having birthday parties. Needless to say, we did not stay very long. We had lunch at my one of my favorite places to eat, Spaghetti Factory!
It's was just busy day, I did not have any time to do any housework. Maybe that's why I cannot sleep, my house is such a mess and there's tons of unfolded laundry in the hallway!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter in Coronado

After church, we came home and the girls colored and decorated all the eggs. We left for Coronado to have an Easter egg hunt! All the kids had a great time. The weather was fantastic, about 84 degrees. When we got there, all of the kids were in the pool swimming and it was inevitable that my kids were going to jump in. There was no stopping them, thank goodness Andrea had extra bathing suits. John was dying because it was so hot and he was just burning. I was surprised he did not complain at all. We walked down to The Hotel Del Coronado for ice cream but the the line was about 30 minutes long so we ended up not getting any. I don't think they cared because they were so looking forward to the egg hunt! We got back to the condo and the kids had an Easter egg hunt by the water. Buffy off course got the most prized eggs and Chloe didn't do too bad. Piper only got 2 because as soon as she got the first egg, she stopped and ate all the candy, and when she was done with that one only then did she started to look for more. I don't think she understands the concept of finding as much as she can. It's all about eating as much chocolate as she can before I stop her. I cannot believe how much chocolate my girls, especially Piper, had today. It's so hard to watch them eat it because I do not like candy or chocolate and the entire time I was wishing I could have their toothbrushes with me so they can brush their teeth!! I literally had to look away and keep reminding myself that it's only once for twice a year that they get to indulge. John thinks I am too strict and that I need to relax and let them have fun. I felt so guilty for letting them eat all that chocolate. Every time I look over at Piper, she was stuffing a Twix or a chocolate egg in her mouth. Oh, and after all the candies, Grandma Barbara brought out the ice cream! Needless to say, my kids were in junk food heaven!! Guiltiness aside, it's wonderful to see how much my children enjoyed themselves today. Buffy just had the best time with Mia and Paris. Chloe loves being with Elle because Elle treats her like a baby and carries her everywhere. Piper just loves chocolate! Unforgetable quote of the day by Buffy: Buffy: "Mom, why do I need to eat fruit." Jackie: "Fruit is healthy for our body." Buffy: "I like junk food." Jackie: "Buffy, what happens if we eat a lot of junk food." Buffy: "We get sick and we will get chubby." Jackie: "That's right, we won't be able to do too much if we are chubby." Buffy: "We can surf and jetski." Jackie: "Why do you say that?" Buffy: "Daddy's chubby and he can surf and jetski."

Paris and Buffy

Striking a pose..

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy 7-Year Anniversary!!

John and I have been married for 7 years now and we spent our 7-year anniversary at Disneyland with our children and had the best time. How could you not have a good time at Disneyland! My favorite part of being there is seeing the children's reaction to everything. The children love all the rides and especially the parade. The only issue is that Chloe is at the age where she does not like to go on Pirates of the Caribbean. She is so petrified of the slides, but once we are inside, she loves it. We have to bribe with candies every time. Buffy went through that stage too, Piper is just loving it!

I cannot believe I am now 5 months pregnant with our 4th child. It's very exciting but I truly hate being fat!!!! I feel so yucky everyday, especially because I rarely have time to jog anymore. I am excited to be having a son, although, I often ask myself, "What am I going to do with a baby boy??!!!!" I am going to have to change his diapers, weird! All I have known are baby girls.

Spring is here and the weather is getting better, not so cold like it was in January and February. I just can't wait until summer, the beach is so beautiful and the day just lasts longer. My girls love that they get to play at the beach everyday while waiting for Daddy to come out of the water.

I am going to start writing cute/odd/random/funny things that my children says. I have been meaning to but keep putting it off.
The other night I went to check on the girls before I went to bed, and Chloe was not in her bed, she was in Piper room sleeping by herself.
Jackie: "Chloe, why are you sleeping in here by yourself baby?"
Chloe: "Cause I want to sleep."
Jackie: "Why didn't you just sleep in your own bed?"
Chloe: "Buffy and Piper sleep too loud." (Buffy and Piper snore)
Jackie: "Alright, good night baby girl!"