Friday, January 9, 2009

Starting the New Year busy

Chad, got his first tooth exactly at 6 months. Piper keeping warm in the snow.

Chloe is just the sweetest lil' miss. Buffy loves her new hair cut.

Looking back at 2008, I cannot believe that the year just flew by. Our family were on a constant run during the holidays. Now that we are back to a semi normal schedule, I must admit, I kind of miss the chaos of it all. Buffy and Chloe are back to school and Lulu is still with us to help me with Piper and Chad. Piper keeps me on a constant alert with her mischevious ways. She loves to color, draw and paint all day. Chad is just stoked to be fed and cleaned. He's a super happy baby boy, growing by the seconds. He's by far, my chubbiest baby. He giggles, rolls over onto his stomach talks to us in his baby talk. He loves baby food, mainly the fruits and gags on green beans. The girls love him and are constantly bickering over who gets to hold, or should I say, drag him around the playroom. Buffy is as always, super active. She was bored during Christmas break from school. Always wanting to be somewhere doing something. She's my overachiever, doing great in school and loves everything about it. She tells me this everytime I ask her about school. She is a big help around the house for me, especially in the morning. Some days she gets up way earlier than I do and gets breakfast for her sisters, or get Chad out of the crib and plays with him. Chloe likes preschool but some days she just wants to stay home with mom. She loves to draw, paint and play on the computer as much as I will allow her. She's beginning to read 3 letter words and is so anxious to learn how to read books. She's very sensitive and loves her family very much. I am excited to 2009 and looking forward to watching as my kids grow and develop their personalities. Hopefully, there won't be many challenges to the process.

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