Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime...when all the world is green??

My sweeties

They were in the water all day and loved it.
Chad loves being with his sister.

I love this picture of him. so stinking cute

So tired from being in the water all day....

This summer has just flew by, but not without lots of quality and fun times with our family. This is the first year since John and I got married that I am not either pregnant or nursing a new born. So, we have had the opportunity to enjoy many family times at the river, beach, camping and swimming. I feel like I can truly enjoy myself. We made several trips to the Colorado River with the kids and it is by far my most favorite thing to do during the summer. The river gets about 100-115 degrees during the months on July and August. While this is scorging hot, the water is just perfect for us to soak in all day, and that is what my children does. By far, this is my most favorite thing to do with my family. Makes me so happy to see all my children just having the best time frolicking in the water and no television, DS, Wii, or computer, just enjoying each other's company. I love the warm weather, the scenery, and water, makes it most relaxing for me. I just wish summer would last a bit longer.

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