Saturday, July 10, 2010


Piper turned 4 in February this year and in many ways she is beyond her years. She is very bright and funny, and of course so pretty. I am just amazed that she can navigate on the computer as if someone has taught her. She is so eager to to all the things her older sisters can do. She keeps asking me when she can have piano lessons. She loves singing and learning how to write. She is so witty and quick with jokes. Piper has no fear and will have no problem telling you how she feels or if she is not pleased with you. She had a party at preschool and at home with 2 cakes because she could not decide between Barbie and Dora. Piper brings so much fun and joy to our family. My most independent child by far. She is motivated by chocolate and French toast. I don't know how it is possible but this child does not eat vegetables at all. I have bribe her, beg, and threaten and with very little success. I feel so guilty because she loves all the food that are so bad for her. Piper's ideal meal would be, french toast for breakfast, cake for lunch and mac-n-cheese for dinner. Nothing nutritrous. Well, she actually does love strawberries and pinapples.
Piper's favorite things
Her dolly
French toast
French Fries
My lip gloss
Chocolate cake
Our beautiful girl.
Enjoying birthday cake
Daddy made Piper's favorite breakfast.

At preschool.

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Carlson Clan said...

Hey Jackie! I found your blog from Leanne's. I can't believe Piper is four! Where does the time go? She's adorable. Just as beautiful as her mama. =) Miss you!